Welcome to my website,

I’m a pastel artist living and working in Apache Junction, Arizona.  My husband and I live on the slopes of the Superstition Mountain, overlooking the Phoenix Area.   Retiring here from the Northwest, we enjoy the room and time to pursue our interests.  

My subject matter is mostly landscapes with an occasional abstract when the mood strikes me.   Lately, I’ve transitioned to a southwest theme, given I have so much subject matter around me.  Often the subjects are taken from my yard or the view from our house.

I primarily sell my work at art shows and galleries, although lately I’ve been doing some commission work.

Recently, we completed a 1000SF shop and studio on our property and occasionally, we open that to visitors.

Please browse my work, and by all means leave a comment or drop a note.  I’d enjoy hearing from you.

Mary Etta Chrisman